Sunday, June 10, 2007

An Open Letter to David Chase

Dear David Chase,

Fuck you.

Kind Regards,
Fatty Arbuckle


David Chase said...

No. Fuck you.

Hats Bagelman said...

Really? That was the perfect way to end the show. Seriously. The whole show was about breaking conventions and not giving the audience a simple or cliched ending. What did you want Tony getting whacked or pinched? That'd be the only thing that would let me down. Tony carries on in a life of paranoia. AJ sells his soul to work in development (like many people we know). Meadow is gonna be a mob lawyer because she couldn't stand the way Tony was treated by the FBI. Seriously what did you want?

Micki said...

I've never watched the show but as there was extensive coverage of the finale all over the radio this morning, I thought that the conclusion is that Tony might have been killed? I guess a few episodes ago, you were not only introduced to the dude at the bar, somebody's cousin, who would kill Tony, plus Tony had a conversation with another dude who told him that's what happens when you get whacked... you don't see it coming, and everything just goes black... and since the last part of the show was all from Tony's POV... ? Maybe?

Fatty Arbuckle said...

Although Mr. Chase and Mr. Bagelman both make valid points, I remain dissatisfied with the ending of the series. It is not even so much that Tony doesn't get killed or sent to jail; it is that the final scene is a big fuck you to the audience.

The family sits down to a dinner in the center of a restaurant with Tony exposed from all angles. Close ups of suspicious looking shifty eyed strangers are shown intercut with a frantic Meadow trying to parallel park and then rushing into the restaurant. These are all seemingly mundane events, but because we are shown to the audience at all, and in such intense detail it makes it appear some great event is going to occur, and as it all builds to a crescendo... Nothing.

When it is all said and done Mr. Chase has created one of the greatest shows of all time. And if he wants to end it teasing us, visually saying, "Look something big is happening here," and then nothing does, he has earned the right. If Mr. Chase wants to end on a big fuck you, then fuck me indeed, but he shouldn’t be surprised when I (or other fans) feel like returning the insult.

Anonymous said...

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