Thursday, October 4, 2007

$200 Million For What Exactly?

Dear readers I need your help. I just read an article on CNN about a McDonald's employee who was forced to strip by a man impersonating a police officer. Apparently similar incidents had been occurring at other McDonald' restaurants in the area, and management failed to alert this particular McD's, so she is suing for $200 million in damages. That sounds like it would be pretty cut and dry, but it isn't. Please read the article and tell me exactly what happened?

From what I gather the phony police officer was actually just on the phone calling from Florida?

"A Florida man, David Stewart, was acquitted last year on charges of
impersonating an officer, soliciting sodomy and soliciting sexual abuse in the
incident... Donna Jean Summers, the assistant manager, was convicted of unlawful
imprisonment. Her former fiancee, Walter Nix Jr., is serving a 5-year sentence
for sexual abuse and other crimes."
And then for some reason the assistant manager handed the phone to her boyfriend who took over the "investigation?

"Ogborn was 18 and working at a McDonald's in April 2004 when she was forced to
strip after a man called the store, claiming he was investigating a theft. At
one point during the 3½-hour search, the assistant manager's boyfriend was left
to handle the phone call."
Then somehow Ogborn ended up naked and performing sex acts on the boyfriend/Fiance?

"During the trial, jurors watched more than an hour of a security video of
the hoax call. On the video, a nude Ogborn is shown performing sex acts on
herself and Nix."

What? What? WHAT??? Help me friends. I don't understand what took place here. If anyone was in the area, or knows someone who works at CNN and they just left out a big portion of this article, please explain to me.

If I was forced to recap I would say: a guy calls McD's, says he is a cop, the phone is handed the boyfriend Nix, the guy on the phone says he Nix is to strip search Ogborn, then the guy on the phone says Ogborn is to perform sex acts to prove she is no thief. This can't be right. I know this took place in Kentucky but come on.

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Thanks to reader Micki, this whole thing is alot more clear, and holy god is it aweful! Not sure if How much McDonald's is actually responsible but at least one person who works there and another who doesn't should be in Jail.

The Video explains:

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Micki said...

I actually do know a lot about this case. One of my students is writing about it and already has life rights to the story. Here's the YouTube video he sent to me:

that explains it a bit better. Still pretty confusing, but I could understand how it happened with all the dumbshits involved. I love that the Janitor is the one who figures it out in the end.

The real story however, that nobody is talking about, is the really low and dispicable means by which McDonalds has tried to buy or force silence, but that's being covered up...