Tuesday, October 23, 2007

When Will 9/11 Be Funny?

It's been what? 6 years now? I think it's time for us to laugh about a plane crashing into the side of a building killing a massive amount of people...well, at least my mother thinks it's time.

I'm at home over the weekend for a nice relaxing weekend and decide to turn on some of the quality programming over at the Discovery Channel. They have a disaster weekend planned and I'm into that sort of digital construction of tsunami's decimating different coastal cities all over the world. The one I was watching? New York of course.

So my mom comes in to get some quality time with her son and begins watching the program along with me. They show a woman sitting on a bench paying no attention to a giant fucking wave to end all waves coming in from the ocean. I mean this girl is sitting there listening to her AM/FM radio tape player combo she got from Radio Shack because she hasn't had a date in years, hence why she's sitting at a Manhattan ocean front all alone waiting for certain doom.

I make some comment about her blatant disregard for her own life, but my mother's retort is what sent me reeling. "Well, you'd think the people in New York City would be more concerned about airplanes running into their buildings than a big wave."

Wow. I'm reporting this to you because, ladies and gentlemen, 9/11 is officially funny on the west coast. A conservative 54-year-old woman has decided it for us.

We will never forget. And that's a good thing considering the comedic potential that awaits us.

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