Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The Best of Wikipedia

Goddammit, I'm keeping my promise and bringing you a piping hot Best of Wikipedia. This week's entry: The Guardian.

Not the British newspaper, but rather the 2006 Kevin Costner/Ashton Kutcher box-office-bofo-dynamite- blockbuster-smashtastic-fantastic, hit movie. I waited in line six hours to be the first one in the theater doors, and I have no regrets (except for not wearing enough sun block, LOL). Apparently I'm not alone, as some kindred spirit out there took the time to write a complete synopsis of this film. It's an 1,100 word opus that so perfectly sums the movie experience, reading it is equivalent to twelve consecutive viewings.

Find out why after the jump...

Of particular note is the section entitled "Never Let Go." An excerpt:

The major theme throughout the film is the idea of letting go. Taking many forms, this idea is both physically and figuratively illustrated. The first mention of this idea is in the opening, where Randall is trying to save the husband and wife. As the husband tries to grab ahold of the basket, Randall can be heard saying 'Let Go'. The idea reappears for a second time when Randall's wife looks at him and begs him to 'let her go', a referance to her leaving him. The irony is that neither character can really 'let go' of the other, evidenced after the Helicopter crash and Randall's death. Figuratively, 'Letting Go' is illustrated by the tale of Randall's heroism holding onto the man during the Helicopter flight to safety. Fischer re-creates the same scenerio during the final, climactic rescue, only to have Randall undo his glove and fall to his death. Randall is also forced to 'Let Go' of his career after a PTSD attack during a rescue. An irony here is that Randall is called back into service the same day to rescue Fischer.

The Kutch can see your soul

Ok, I'm sorry I made you read that. Anyway, Kevin Costner dies in the movie, but not really because he becomes the mythological "man under the sea" referred to by the Alutiqq people of Kodiak. So he's not dead; he's just a merman who aids the Coast Guard in dangerous rescues. It's kind of like this blog's namesake, The Incredible Mr. Limpet, only instead of Nazi U-boats, Costner fights the ocean. (I know you might not believe me since I tend to embellish these things, but really, it's the truth. Check the article. He's a damned dirty merman.)

All mermen are Asian

There are murmurs of a sequel where Costner, now tired of his merman life, wishes to be part of our world once again. He makes an ill-advised deal with an underwater sorceress, trading his soul for land legs, but the goodly King Triton comes to his rescue granting Costner his heart's truest wish. Brian Adams will also contribute music inspired by. I can't wait!


Micki said...

Amazing. I can also send you a 12 page paper on the classic film "Saving Silverman." I mean, a link to it. Not the file. That I wrote myself.

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