Thursday, September 6, 2007

Two words: Roger Kabler

This man
inspired a nation to put down their golden hued beer and pick up a bottle of cool and clear Zima. He was the Pied Piper of shitty malt beverages. Make fun of Zima all you want, but in 1994, clear was the wave of the future, and Kabler new it.

It was a very brief future, and who really thought that a clear wine cooler could topple beer as the go to booze of football fans. Seriously, try throwing a Super Bowl party with refrigerator full of Zima. You'll be alone with nothing but crappy ol' Zima to erase the pain of rejection as you cry into your kitschy bowler hat and wipe snot on the sleeves of your over sized suit.

So maybe Kabler and Zima haven't haunted your memories as much as mine. I'll be the first to admit, Mr. Feeling's brain is a dusty attic full of random memories. Misty, water-colour, memories of the way we were.

That's because I watched way too much TV when I was a kid. Enough to recognize Kabler first for his sitcom work and second for his Zima schilling. Seriously, researching this guy has been absolutely cathartic. I couldn't remember what show he was on, but I knew he played the wacky white guy at a black radio station. Also the promos had a dude with a flamethrower torching a TV because that's how hot the programming on NBC was.

How hot was/is Kabler? I'll let youtube do the talking.


Hats Bagelman said...

This post would be so much better if I could watch youtube at work

Mr. Feelings said...

Suck a fat one, Bagelman. Limpet belongs to readers in the 21st century.

Micki said...

oh man. i TOTALLY remember Rhythm n' Blues.

Fatty Arbuckle said...

This guy is at least as funny as a sober Williams.