Friday, November 30, 2007

Interest in Self Indulgent Blog Wanes

LOS ANGLES, California (IML) – After only ten months online, the unpopular internet blog The Incredible Mr. Limpet has lost much of its readership, and often posts no new content for weeks at a time.

Counterfeit Jewish man, and self proclaimed Editor in Chief of the Limpet site, Hats Bagelman attributed the drop of over 4,000 visits per month between November and March of this year, to the collapse of the housing market and, “general malaise.” Sources close to the midden website contend that the loss of page hits is actually due to a public lack of interest in unintelligible “comedy” articles riddled with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

When reached for comment former readers of the disesteemed blog gave their own interpretations of why the blog is such a failure. Regular commenter on the much abhorred blog known only as Micki observed, “I used to like the blog okay, but why keep checking it when there isn’t a new article but every month?”

Amanda Meadows of Costa Mesa, California said of the slovenly website and indeed this very article, “’Interest Wanes?’ More like ‘Interest Never Garnered.’ And who told you I was a reader?”

When Mr. Bagelman was asked why he did not simply take the webpage down he replied, “Meh. It is just easier to let it sit.” It seems The Incredible Mr. Limpet will continue to waste server space at Google for years to come.

-The Incredible Mr. Limpet is a blog run out of Los Angeles which carries a variety of articles that run the gamut of unintelligible sports reporting, misguided love advice, poorly written short stories, photo comparisons of puppets and celebrities, angry rants, wondering wildlife news, and blatant rip-offs of the Onion.


Amanda Meadows said...

How does this site know where I live? Also that phone survey was grossly inappropriate. This "Fatty" person is a total sleaze-ball.

You mean he's NOT Jewish?

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