Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Halle Berry 1966-2007

Los Angeles, CA-- Oscar Winner Halle Berry was found dead today from what coroners claim was a massive heroin/cocaine/PCP overdose combined with of traces of hepatitis strains never before detected in medical science which were believed to be contracted by making oral contact with a Hollywood sidewalk.

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"Also found during the autopsy were strains of
feline leukemia, bubonic plauge, and SARS, but they are not believed to be part of the cause of death."According to Dr. Rober Atschuler, lead coroner on the case. "That sidewalk did a real number on her."

When reached for comment local Homeless woman "Screaming" Nancy Eubanks stated, "She kissed the sidewalk?! I don't even pee there because I'm afraid of what would happen."

Halle Berry was 40.


Nacho Friendly said...

This reminds me of that SNL sketch with Garth Brooks about all the venereal diseases James Bond had. Dear God, #23 is eating through it's beeker!!!

Fatty Arbuckle said...

She will be missed.

Hats Bagelman said...

I'm gonna watch BAPS tonight in her memory

Nacho Friendly said...

At least Halle realizes her mistakes. But is it too late?