Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Hey Limeys... Find your own hard hitting cat news

The British.

As if they hadn't insulted me enough with their inbreeding, bad teeth and imperialism. Well the imperialism isn't so bad.

Point is that no one country or island province has upset me more lately than the UK (Really can we call them a Kingdom anymore? They've only got Ireland as a colony and even that is just the Northern tip. The sun most certainly does set on the British Empire. I guess they have a King... err would have a King if Prince Charles would quit chasing tail and quit impersonating Al Gore for 10 minutes to kick the damn Queen off the throne. Ok now I am officially calling them the United Queendom. Poofs, all of you)

So anyway, if you didn't know before - due to your fetal alcohol syndrome causing poor neural communication - you know now that I hate the British. And now the Daily Mail has given me more reasons by reading The Incredible Mr. Limpet for news and not giving us any sort of credit.

Here's their take.

Here's what I wrote back in February

You'll be hearing from my lawyers. No doubt Sparkenickle is behind this with his horse raping brother.

Don't click for more idiots, that's all there is.


Hats Bagelman said...

And they still haven't thanked us for bailing them out in WW2!

Nacho Friendly said...

Still though, King Ralph is pretty sweet.

Hats Bagelman said...

That's because King Ralph was an American King. they even have to thank us for that.

Fatty Arbuckle said...

I kind of like blood pudding and sheeps brains (and I know Haggis isn't sheep's brains, I mean sheeps brains).

Anonymous said...

Again, leave me out of this!

Steve Sparkenickle
West Bumpgarten, USA#1

cathc said...

Stop being a racist and learn how to spell "foetal". What's with you Americans and your made-up spellings of English words?

Anonymous said...

Well i am british and all these stereotypes of us having bad teeth etc, its a load of shit
And yeah you might have helpes us out in WW2 but we won the war
ooh and btw if it wasnt for England u would not have a country at all, so stop hating on us u pricks!!!!!!!!!!