Friday, February 16, 2007

Bach's Feline and Fugue

O Internet. What wondrous innovations do we have to thank you for? Global communication at one's fingertips, news on demand from countless sources, bickering on bulletin boards, blogging about bickering on bulletin boards, bickering about bloggers on bulletin boards and of course German Scheisse Porn.

(As an aside I'd like take this moment to ask why do the Germans shoulder most of the blame for Scheisse Porn? In my limited experience I've noticed it's mostly Japanese... Perhaps the Germans were the innovators of the genre and thus earned themselves the notoreity)

Not only has the internet given us all these things, but it also lends a voice to those people who would otherwise be shut out from society. No longer do these sickly looking depression cases have to rely on suicide hotlines for their expression! Nay, with YouTube and other such services they have the ability to show their piano playing cat to the world!

Now that I've offended 83% of the internet, I must admit that this video made me laugh. I'm not sure if it's because at first I thought it was going to play "Chopsticks" and waited through half the clip to find out it was just a stupid cat putting it's paws on the keys, or maybe it was the fact that "Nora" would press the keys and then stare into the camera as if to say "Ahh the Muse! It speaks to me! Can you hear!?"

After writing a review of an internet cat video I'm beginning to think I'm the depressed shut in calling the suicide hotline every Christmas.

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