Thursday, August 30, 2007

What is Wrong with You People

Mr. Feelings is feeling protective. All you upper middle class homeowners who think rap music and illegal immigrants are the end of civilization need a wakeup call. The perfect world you love is being brought down from within by a perverse love of do-it-yourself home improvement. I'm talking about nail guns. For the love of Christmas, just don't use them.

Why not?

Is that good enough reason? If you still feel you need to get all John Rambo when building a spice rack, remember this:

Tip #4: Watch Out Where You're Pointing
Never aim the business end at any hand or any body part. Even from the other side of a workpiece, nails may go through and hit you.

See, that's what the guy in the X-Ray forgot.

I hope some of this got through to you.

Oh yeah, more pictures:

And finally...

I do this because I love you. Need to hear it again? I love you.


Hats Bagelman said...

But what if you're Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon 2? Those South Africans would've killed him if he didn't have the nail gun.

Fatty Arbuckle said...

How do I know these aren't just x-rays from an acupuncture center? All eastern medicine is suspect in my western eyes.

Micki said...

yay, it's like 2 of my favorite things combined: Limpet and Grey's Anatomy!