Wednesday, February 21, 2007

French government overthrown

Shocking news from our wine sucking friends in Europe. Jacques Chirac, nay the world, was startled today as an invading force approached the French government with an ultimatum: Surrender or die.

Who is this invading force you might ask?

Hornets. Giant Hornets.

Pictured above French Prime Minister Jacques Chirac drinks the Hornet Queen's milk as a gesture of good faith toward Hornet policy

Upon first glance at the Giant Hornet King (Giant Hornet King file photo courtesy of Reuters) seems a laughable fun-loving insect out to have a good time, but what you can't see is his harpoon-like venom barb portruding out of his exo-skeletoned ass.

Chirac as already negotiated a cease fire with the Hornet Nation and a full surrender is expected by tomorrow morning. This is World War II all over again only this time it's got bees. Or bee-like organisms. Brittain you watch your ass and get your Hornet defenses up because this is one enemy America won't be able save your ass from. Normally I'd make fun of the French for their hasty surrender, but ... MY GOD MAN THEY'RE BEES


Anonymous said...

WASPs and Huguenots are taking over France. I know Huguenots, and you sir, are NO Huguenot.

Jerk Stupidneck said...

My mother would tell a different story sir

Jania said...

Keep up the good work.