Friday, February 23, 2007

Mr. Feelings, Out of Rehab

Addiction is no laughing matter. Mr. Feelings should know. After the war (the great one) I traveled deep into Asia seeking spiritual guidance from Sensei Zyi. Instead I wound up in a brothel, turning tricks by day to feed my opium addiction at night.

That said, Mr. Feelings feels for Britney. Her quest for enlightenment is just beginning. Rehab was step one. Checking out, step two. Checking back in, step three
. Checking back out, step four. Checking back in though... bad move. Step five, the way it was taught to me, involves fasting, prayer, and rough sex with Sir Richard Branson in a hot air balloon. Step six, I stalked Kevin James. Step seven, lunch at Clafoutis. Step eight, I slept in, then called in sick to work. Step nine has been going on for six years... I hate my life.

The point being, I really wanted to work in a photo of Britney spears because to me she looks like one of those guys you see at the Scottish Highland Games.
Like she should be wearing a kilt and throwing a telephone pole end over end. Sorry to waste your time. Mr. Feeling's next emotional breakthrough will be better thought out.

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Nacho Friendly said...

one of the tags should be "Britney Does Raoul Duke Impression"