Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Is that gun insured? By Survival? I can't take that bet

Endless desert, people living in caves, the national Grandmother memorial, and now ex-cops shooting you and ramming you off the road in a fit of rage joins the ever-growing list of reasons why no one should ever visit Utah.

This story comes to us from my favorite news source,Deseret News... and truly I first saw it on my favorite spot to pick out a sweet new ride or pimp my old one.

A man who was crashed into and shot by a former Lehi police officer is now suing for negligence. Craig Trimble was shot in the leg and stomach by former Lehi police officer Art Henderson after a high speed, bullet-filled car chase down a quiet Lehi street last January.
Deseret News, you had me at "shot in the leg and stomach" but "high speed, bullet-filled car chase down a quiet Lehi street" is when I realized it was love.

Actually I think the best quote in this story comes from Mr. Trimble's insurance company through California Casualty's executive VP Jim Sevey.
Coverage arises from your operation and use of a vehicle, not your operation and use of a gun.
Hey, who can argue with that? I don't recall you checking the "Getting shot at on the open highway" coverage on your last premium renewal, fatty.

Yeah, you heard me right. Got a problem lardo? I'll see you on the highway.

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