Friday, March 16, 2007

Grandma's Really Enjoying that Milkshake

In a recent attempt to clear the name of fast food products across the UK and Ireland. McDonald's UK has launched the website Make Up Your Own Mind. On this site you'll find all the questions you've ever wondered about McDonald's answered as candidly as you'd imagine.

Have fun with the McDonald's interactive questions posted by users after the jump...

I immediately went to check on the amount of fecal matter that's found in McDonald's meat and found that it's the first question that comes up when you search for meat. Lucky me. And trust me, they assure me that it's "100% beef, made from whole cuts of forequarter and flank similar to the mince you'd buy in the supermarket."

Further down the questions, however you find much more interesting questions all posed by readers, I remind you. "Why did someone find a chicken head in their food?" poses one reader. But dammit, some just want answers about what their food is. Another consumer, "I have seen with my own eyes the Croatian chicken you have used in the past for your chicken nuggets. The chicken is second rate and it's the carcass that is ground into a paste. Could you not use better quality?" Ok, Mr. Chicken Expert Man, what's so bad about Croatian chickens? I demand to see some credentials!

The real fun comes in when you search for "milkshakes."

Avoiding the questions about lard, people's daughters being allergic to strawberries and if the milkshakes have "chicken hooves" in them you might find a question like this one: "Why did your employees ejaculate into my grandmother's milkshake?"

McDonald's response: "Any rumors and stories about this sort of behaviour have never been found to be true and are regarded as urban myths. If McDonald's receive any allegations about bodily fluids in food these claims are fully investigated." I ask you this McDonald's, if you say they're "urban myths" why are you fully investigating them? Are you calling in those neat CSI guys to handle the job because something tells me you might compromise the crime scene with your dirty cover tricks.

So, take a gander at the new and improved McDonald's PR department. Ask questions and post the answers in the comments. It's time to have some fun messing with McDonald's UK

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