Friday, March 2, 2007

Oh Lord, Let Thy Butter Harden!

It's a miracle I follow pro-sports. I'm a poor postured, uncoordinated nerd who owns every season to Star Trek TNG (The Next Generation to all you not virgins out there). That said, I've followed the NBA all my life. Specifically the Lakers. This one passion has helped me salvage some machismo and given me a talking point when mingling with bad dudes. For that I owe a debt of gratitude to one man. No, not my father (Mr. Feelings was raised in a laboratory by escaped Nazi war criminals). I'm talking about Chick Hearn, Golden Throat, the greatest human to walk the earth (and I'm including Jesus Christ, God's only son). More Chick after the jump...

I won't bother explaining what made Chick so great. I also won't explain why food tastes good, masturbating feels fantastic, or why stealing Lotto scratchers is amazing. To know these things is to know pleasure. Same with Chick. He was a tidal wave of personality that both understood and loved the game. Also, he was in Fletch. Were you in Fletch? If you're reading this, I doubt it.

Anyway, all praises sung, this clip isn't his finest hour. Instead it's a candid look at legend. A chance to see a star out of his element, but still in his prime.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Chick Hearn, Wazzup!


Hats Bagelman said...

I remember watching a Lakers game in 1994. They were playing the Bulls and Chick put the game in the refridgerator. The Bulls came back and ended up winning the game. I don't think I've heard an angrier man than the time the Bulls ruined Chick's refridgerator speech.

Nacho Friendly said...

man, I hope we get to use that "golden throat" tag a LOT more!