Monday, March 26, 2007

Snarled & Jammed: The Three Worst Infrastructures In America

With the arrival of the NCAA Tournament's Final Four, Atlanta's gonna be busier than an indentured servant in high cotton. Folks from the four corners of the country will amass in the home of Cartoon Network and Waffle House to watch man-children duke it out for the title of National Champion.

I've done a few tours in The Jewel of the South and I thought I'd share some thoughts about how it, and other cities, decided that a decent infrastructure isn't as important as a professional sports team.

So fill out your survey, and join us after the jump for Nacho Friendly's Three Worst Infrastructures In America.

My god, you've really got nothing to do, don't you? Jesus, it's a post about bad traffic. It's not even clever. No big revelations here. Lemme save you a lot of time:

#3 - Los Angeles (Don't be so insulted; it's bad, but there's endless lunacy to marvel at whilst stuck in it, so it's not that bad.)

#2 - Atlanta (There is no time of the day that traffic doesn't suck in Atlanta. God help you if you try and get anywhere downtown after 3pm.)

#1 - Houston (Ever been there? This guy has. He fucking designed the inner loop. Do not attempt to drive through Houston unless you are in some sort of psychedelic state where logic doesn't exist. And remember, do whatever the coyote says.)

There we go. Couple witticisms, a few deep links. Goonies reference. Yep, it's a Limpet Post.

Don't forget to vote for "Scrappy" Maggie Dempsey in Mustache Madness's Final Four. There's no more match-ups, it's a free for all. 10lb & myself will have details coming forthwith.


Micki said...

I have to ask, where did you get Houston from? Is this your own top 3? I lived in Houston for 18 years and traffic never meant anything to me until I moved to California. Ever been to Boston?

Nacho Friendly said...

yes this is my own top three, and the reason Houston wins Worst Infrastructure is because the highway/freeway system is meant to make it easily navigatable for any traveller passing through. This is not the case with Houston. Sure, if you lived there for almost 20 years you'll have a vastly different perspective, much like Angelinos do with their bad traffic. But to attempt to get from any portion of Houston, to another portion of Houston one must conquer a series of mind-bending routes and logic-devoid-edly-numbered thoroughfares, the likes of which haven't been seen since MC Escher was around.

Sorry, I enjoy the their meats, and NASA's fun, but the freeway system in Houston is atrocious.

Nacho Friendly said...

And no, I haven't been to Boston, but I've heard nothing but bad things about it.

10lb Moustache said...

Uhm, Washington, D.C. was the worst traffic I've been in for all the years I've existed on earth and would not wish it upon anyone except Hitler or Jerk Stupidneck.