Thursday, March 8, 2007

Free Ice Lollies For Us All!

I was on my way to the chemist shop when I heard the good news. We're big in England. Well we love you too! Check out our other posts tailor made for your strange culture (Ok, it's just the one post, but we're trying).

In celebration, here's a list of things we adore about you:

1 - Bob Hoskins
We call him sex in a sweater. On cold nights we dream about snuggling up next to him as he whispers sweet nothings in our ear. "Limpet, my love, be a dear and get me another pint." And of course we would. He's Bob Hoskins!

2 - Muesli
Wonderful breakfast food. Way better than what we eat stateside.

3 - Dark Shadows
More like Dork Shadows. Just kidding. Our love for Lara Parker burns with a white hot intensity. If we ever lose our virginity, it will be to her.

4 - The Falklands War
We love wars here at The Incredible Mr. Limpet. In fact, we're members of over a dozen different recreation societies, but the Falklands has always been our favorite. Just ask Hats Bagelman; he does the most amazing Prince Andrew, Duke of York.

5 - The British East India Company
For taming the savages and cornering the opium market, you earn our respect.

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Nacho Friendly said...

Also, I'd like to personally thank the Unite Kingdom for allowing us to make King Ralph